Remiel Lockwood Ministries


Elder Remiel Lockwood, MDIV was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. His formative education took place within the same city until his graduation from William A. Wirt High School in 2003.


Elder Lockwood endured many hardships in his young life that helped to shape the anointing that he now operates under. Always having a zeal to preach the word of God, Eld. Lockwood had his chance in 1998 at the mere age of 14 to preach his first official sermon at the Greater Bethlehem Healing & Deliverance Temple under the leadership of the right Rev. Dr. Aleta E. McCurty entitled, “A Sacrifice of Praise” and he has yet to look back. Elder Lockwood’s gift has made room for him by allowing him to travel within these United States, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean to share the good news to a dying world that Jesus saves. With his believe in balanced living, Elder Lockwood went away to Johnson & Wales University in Miami, Florida and attained two degrees in the areas of Business Administration & Management with a concentration in Human Resources. Elder Lockwood completed his Masters of Divinity in Leadership Degree from prestigious Liberty University and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Ministry degree from the same.


Upon his arrival in Miami the Lord led him to Bethel Apostolic Temple, where he currently serves, under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Carol Nash-Lester. The Lord has graced Elder Lockwood to be able to minister to people right where they are thereby encouraging them to ask that marvelous question what must I do to be saved. His anointing brings about healing & deliverance to those that have been wounded & have never been released.


Elder Lockwood is the author of two books, "The Danger of Stimulation" and "I Can Breathe Again" which are available now through or through the Web store. Elder Lockwood has also had the pleasure of hosting TBN's Praise the Lord program as well as preaching for TBN's Praise-A-Thon.