Remiel Lockwood Ministries


We are super excited about impacting the lives of Women as we seek to help them recognize the power of their voice. It is our goal to liberate those that have been gripped by the pain of their past by allowing them to not only give voice to it, but to declare a New Day and a New Season in their lives. It is also a time for the men in their lives to cover them through the process so this conference is not just for Women, but also for the men that support them. To accomplish this we have outlined 11 different Workshops that would allow for maximum impact, 2 General Sessions and 1 Brunch.


  • Depression - You No Longer Have Power                                 Surviving in a "Man's World"
  • Don't Lose Your Voice While Supporting His                             Silence is NOT GOLDEN
  • Loving You Almost Cost Me - Me                                               I'm A Survivor                                                                                  
  • Recognize Your FLY & Know Your Worth                                  Now What?
  • From Trauma to Travail: Life After Domestic Violence              Don't Lose You
  • Elevate Your Language - Elevate Your Life